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And if there happens to be more than a few people.

It goes without saying that we can transfer and/or transport large numbers of VIPs.

We have an exceptional modern bus fleet at our disposal, with thermo glass, leather interiors, DVD, air conditioning and other benefits.

Charter service - Bus fleet

Price and services.

Passengers: up to 50 persons

first hour: 150,00 EUR* (incl. kilometres)
every add. hour: 75,00 EUR* (incl. kilometres)
Daily rates: available on request


* prices do not include statutory value added tax.
Fuel billed according to fuel receipts. Parking fees, tolls etc. are not included in the prices. Extra expenses are charged for journeys outside of Berlin and/or overnight journeys.
(no guarantee for the up-to-dateness of the prices, the newest price is valid. As of: 01. January 2008)

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